About Us

Bethel comprehensive college was established out of a vision. Without gainsaying, the vision to establish a private secondary school is to breed God fearing moral and academically sound students that will stimulate the positive change the world needs. The vision was incubated by the end of the 21st century precisely in the year 1999. God inspired us to name the proposed secondary school "Bethel Comprehensive College", a place where God has been existing, where He is existing now and where He will continue to exist forever in Jesus name. It consists of the following schools:


The school was registered with OYO State Ministry of Education after necessary inspections were carried out by its officials in June 2002.

The school commenced on the 18th of September, 2002. We give all glory to God for the spiritual state of our students in this school. The MOTTO of the school " CHRIST IN ME " is being experienced by majority of our students. The school produced her first sets of graduates in 2008. Subsequent sets of graduates have also been produced with some students now undergraduates in various universities in Nigeria and abroad. Presently the school has students from different parts of the country.

The history of the college cannot be separated from the future of the college. Over the years, the college has diligently nurtured children others thought could not fare better. We constantly remind them that God created everyone with his or her unique ability. We also remind them that we cannot help them to realize such abilities by aiding them to fraudulently pass exams.

Many wonder why we do not place much emphasis on advertisement in respect of our school and yet students keep coming from various part of the country. A Chief Executive of a leading restaurant remarked "To me marketing starts with having a good product. You could do the best marketing with a bad product, it might still not succeed, although it may work for some time but it will surely wane. But with a good product, a small push will bring you to a pool".

We look forward to you joining us and be a part of this great history.


You are welcome to bethel comprehensive college website. It is a channel where you can see virtually all the activities of the college i.e the progress made so far, where we started from, where we are now, our future prospects and whatever you need to know about us.

I wish you happy viewing.

Mr Ayodeji (Principal)


It is a privilege and a great opportunity to be here. The nature of the World Wide Web is such that makes it possible for us to be together even though we are far away from one another.

I know that the mind of young children is tender and ready to receive but what they learn or receive matters to me and that is why my passion for young children (the future generation) has driven me to write monthly articles that will nurture and build them into what God has planned for them. This is also a place where parents can learn how to nurture their children in the way of the Lord.

I welcome all of you and hope you will have a blessed time viewing each page.

Olubunmi S.O